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Welcome to "The Butterfly Net"

North Ridge Boarding Kennels Invites you to come and take a peek at our beautiful Papillons! We have quite a few "netted" for your viewing...I hope you enjoy them!

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Papillons from Maine

Papillons are a very active little dog. They are easily managed. Their soft glossy coat requires little grooming. As they are double coated, there is no big seasonal shed. Paps don't suffer from doggie order. *Got to love it!* They adapt quickly to city life or country life. My paps.. do believe that they are hunters of squirrels,birds, spiders and yes even butterflies! They are the perfect pet for families with children or people who are looking for a nice show dog! Available at North Ridge Kennls is a varity of Papillons for sale. At the moment we have three females. Two are ten weeks old and the third is about five months!! New pictures arriving soon!! Thanks for stopping and hope to see you again! Email Us @ Or you can usually find me in Powwow chatting with my friends or in ICQ. My ICQ number is #2118822. Look me up and I will get back to you as soon as possible!! *Ciao!*

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